AIGT -> Dutch Open

Short history

The largest tournament in the Netherlands used to be the Amsterdams International Go Tournament (AIGT).
The tournament took place in Amsterdam upto 20XX. Most of the times it was located in the European Go Cultural Centre.
Many European players enjoyed taking part over the years

New developments

Due to several reasons the Amsterdam go community was not able to continue the organisation of this event.
The Dutch Go Association took up the task and started the Dutch Open tournament. In 2021 the first Dutch Open took place in The Hague. In 2022 Nijmegen hosted the second Dutch Open.
We hope to continue the tour around the Netherlands and to host the tournament on a different location each year, organised by the local go community with support from the Dutch Go Association.

Current schedule

May 2023: to be decided Nov 2022
May 2024: to be decided